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About Us

"Followers of the Way" is a title that was given to those who followed Jesus after his resurrection. (Act 9:2, 22:4, 24:14).


The life and teachings of Jesus are first recorded in the Gospels and have been diligently passed down through the historic church from generation to generation.


Church history is filled with much confusion, division, and oppression but in the midst of this chaos there has always been a light that continues to shine.


For those willing to study and research church history, you will be able to find a thread of consistent teachings and practices throughout the many writings of the early church that match the clear and simple teachings of the New Testament. 


The clear teachings of Christ and the Apostles have always been a challenge to the current culture. These teachings are a renewing force in every generation and in every place they are known and practiced.


Many church denominations eventually turn away from the wholeness and simplicity of these teachings in pursuit of money, fame, or simply increasing their numbers.


We are part of a network of churches that emphasizes the Word of God and obedience to it. For the historically minded, you will find that our teachings are close to the ante-Nicene church, as well as the persecuted, suffering church throughout the ages (the Waldensians, the Lollards, and the early Anabaptists). But we point to Scripture rather than a church document for the source of our understanding. We believe in the power of the Spirit to overcome sin and to instruct our minds and hearts. 


We worship Christ as king and seek to build his kingdom by organizing our lives and communities around his teachings and practices. 


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